Chiappa 1892 Mare’s Leg 44 Mag Take Down


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High Quality Italian Lever Action, 12 Inch Octagonal Barrel, Large Loop Lever, Case Coloured Frame, Take Down Model. 5 Round Magazine. NOT RESTRICTED

44 Mag


1 review for Chiappa 1892 Mare’s Leg 44 Mag Take Down

  1. Ben Heide

    I picked up this gun this past spring with the intent to take it into the back-country when hiking with my boys. It’s pretty heavy for this duty, but I wanted something that was shorter than a 12-gauge and packs about the same punch. Thankfully, it wasn’t needed in an emergency situation, but we have had a lot of fun with it shooting paper, gophers and rabbits. I’ve pegged 8-inch steel plates at 100 yards so it’s as accurate as you need it to be. Takedown is awesome as you can fit it in your range bag, gym bad and the glove box of your vehicle. (Not that I’ve ever done that – seriously).

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