CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow


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The Shadow is a refined CZ-75 and very popular with IPSC shooters. SA/DA. 2 mm Fibre-optic front sight and Novak-style rear sight. Lower Accessory rail, soft rubber grips, ambi-safety and an improved trigger. 3 x 10-round mags. Cleaning Kit. 9 mm


1 review for CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow

  1. Ben Heide

    The SP-01 Shadow is the go-to for IPSC production shooting and there is a good reason. It works. Every trigger pull, every day, all day. I’ve now put over 10,000 through mine and it still functions 100%. I have replaced the recoil spring and slide stop to prevent failure, but the originals still worked perfect. It’s a go-to and a must-have for everyone that likes smooth semi-auto handguns.

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