Magnum Research BFR 7.5 inch Barrel


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Chambered for .45/70 Gov’t. 7.5-inch barrel models available.

This is one very serious handgun, offering heart-stopping power in a manageable package. It is fun to shoot, with recoil much less than you may imagine. (Accurate too!). The .45/70 cartridge can produce the same velocity as a .454 Casull with 1/3 the pressure; meaning less wear and tear, less noise, less recoil.

Some recoil factors compared:
BFR: .45/70 350gn/1472fps 74.1 Recoil Factor
Freedom Arms: .454 300gn/1600fps 116.92 Recoil Factor
Ruger Super Blackhawk: 240gn/1400fps 98 96 Recoil Factor




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