Ruger GP100 Stainless


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Stainless Revolver. 4.2-inch barrel. Adjustable sights. Hogue Mono-Grips. 6 Shot.

.357 Mag

1 review for Ruger GP100 Stainless

  1. Ben Heide

    I have a thing for short-barreled revolves and this .357 magnum helped scratch that itch. It’s a solid little gun that packs a punch and even though the shorter sight radius can reduce shooter accuracy, I managed just fine and then some. It shoots just as good as the older 6-inch version, and I much prefer this shorty. Trigger is decent and there is a nice pause before the hammer falls when shooting double-action that lets you steady before the shot. Fantastic with either 38Spl or larger 357Mag rounds.

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